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08. Feb 12

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von magricelda

Banana for Healthy Diet


It is true carbohydrates encourage the increase of weight so some people are recommended not consume it to achieve their healthy weight. However, carbohydrates are very important for body because they...

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von magricelda

What Determines the Calories Level in a Banana?


Do you know banana? It is a very popular fruit. It is even very easy to be found at the local market. You can also get many benefits from this type of tropical climate fruit. One of the nutrients you ...

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von aquintanoa

can a muslim call on another muslim by the word Ka...


can a muslim call on another muslim by the word Kafir? - I don't believe the racial term

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von magricelda

Good Carbohydrates for Healthy Diet


Everyone wants to be healthy. After they are declared to be healthy, they want to have the healthy weight or so called ideal weight. To lose weight, people not only exercise but also pay attention on ...

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von magricelda

How to Gain Healthy Weight


The calories needed by adult are about 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men. The amount of needed calories can vary for each person based on the sex, height, weight and age and activities...

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von jameomjeoj

What does a white rose symbolize? - Exposix


What does a white rose symbolize? - All roses symbolize something and the White rose symbolizes silence.

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von stephaasas

Did Michael Jackson ever wear a red glove? - Expos...


Did Michael Jackson ever wear a red glove? - Not that I can find on record. He did wear a red jacket with a silver glove and of course, his white gloves.

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von hugoecgghg

Is Opera a good web browser? - Exposix


Is Opera a good web browser? - Yes, I think it's great.

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von edeniston

What is better a shotgun or energy sword? - Exposi...


What is better a shotgun or energy sword? - If your talking about Halo I prefer the shotgun since it can be used from a distance and can also get one hit kills at close range. The sword always gets me

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von lawrewarra

What is a glockenspiel? - Exposix


What is a glockenspiel? - Glockenspiel is a very rare unit off q need plenty of wisdom to be touched q you want to play one will need to read music notes instruments like trumpets pq of the glockens

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