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13. Oct 08

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von bookmarkerWeb

CIT Institut für Corporate Identity und Teamentwi...


CIT berät und trainiert Mitarbeiter von Unternehmen in den Bereichen Marketing und integrative Kommunikation

14. Oct 08

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von cmc

Organisation Werbungtreibende im Markenverband (OW...


Ein Dach für die werbende Wirtschaft. Die Organisation Werbungtreibende im Markenverband (OWM) ist der Verband der Werbung treibenden Unternehmen in Deutschland.

15. Oct 08

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von rachellven

What's Your Time Worth? by Bernadette Doyle, Clien...


If you're serious about making decent figures in your business you need to work out what that hourly rate is for you. And you need to stop being cheap and be willing to hire someone to take on those j...

19. Oct 08

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von amtsbm

Becoming a Poker Affiliate - a step by step guide


When I’m talking to someone about being an affiliate, the conversation always ends up the same: “Okay, I’m in. How do I get started? What do I do next?” It can really be tough to get started t...

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von rooportsss

Types of clients


A good specialist always knows his client, at the first sight he will determine the approach to this type of people. Because the opinions and habits of all people are so varied, the best professionals...

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von rooportsss

The head or the leader???


Some will say: but what is the difference? In fact, the difference is rather big. Have you ever work on “uncle”?

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von mirrindada

Why do we buy things that we buy?


What motivates people to purchase various goods? Why do we suspend our choice on specific things? Why do we sometimes buy things that we do not need?

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von ser7vosja

Offline business VS online business


A lot of people think and talk mistakenly about these things individually. The fact is that there is no such notion as offline and online businesses. Business is either is or not! But the choice betwe...

20. Oct 08

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von marketingcompny

search engine marketing company


We have a high success rate and work with many premium companies.Search Engine Marketing company Netcallidus specialises in Strategic Internet Marketing.

22. Oct 08

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von Fewo-am-Strand

Freelancer Marken-Kommunikation Dagmar Graf : Mark...


Freelancer, langjährige FDL-Erfahrung, löst zuverlässig Branding- & Marketing-Kommunikations-Aufgaben: Kampagnen-Konzeption & -Realisation (Marken-Kommunikation, Werbung, Vertriebsunterstützung), ...

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