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19. Nov 11



From the site: "Each of us has experienced, at one time or another, the chaotic, turbulent and uncertain feelings and body states associated with the moment-by-moment onslaught of telephone calls, ema...

19. Jan 12

mindfulness stress reduction


mindfulness stress reduction Mindfulness og ledelse for mellemledere Weekend mindfulness retreat Mindfulness for for├Žldre Mindfulness i for├Žlder barn forholdet

Stress kursus i mindfulness


Stress kursus i mindfulness Mindfulness mod stress Mindfulness i virksomheden Kurser i mindfulness Mindfulness og Meditation kurser i ├ąrhus mindfulness

17. Dec 13

A Three Minute Meditation - Jo Casey


Today IÔÇÖm sharing a sample of my video course: Work Happier Now. It's a simple three minute meditation that you can do pretty much anytime, anywhere.

04. Feb 16

mindfulness retreats


Mindfulness meditation is proven effective in developing an individual's ability to focus. Most people who practice meditation were discovered to be more calm, kind, and productive as compared to t...

16. May 16

mindfulness blog


The advantages of practicing mindfulness meditation go beyond just enhancing your personal life. It has been discovered to have a positive effect on the society also. In the last few years, mindful...

11. Jan 10

mindfulness imago parterapi terapi


De arbejder individuelt, i gruppe og organisationer med terapi, eksistentiel coaching, supervision, lederskabsudvikling i sm├ą og store virksomheder i Skandinavien. Mindfulness - evnen til at v├Žre i ...

21. Jun 11

Mindfulness Meditation And The WellnessPractitione...


Paying close attention to life through mindfulness meditation helps us find a world that was always there, but with boundless enrichment. Without it, we miss many of life's pleasures, like acknowledgm...

26. Mar 14

Achieve More Stress Less - Strategy, Leadership a...


More Achievement require three points of excellence: Leadership, Strategy and Execution. Stress less to focus on excelling in these areas to amp up success

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