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22. Sep 11

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von yeouws

Structures of JSON


JSON supports two widely used (amongst programming languages) data structures.

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Validate JSON with JSONLint


JSONLint is an opensource project which allows you to validate your JSON data. Since when you are working with any programming language and JSON, if your JSON data is not properly formatted, it can ca...

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Installation of JSON in PHP and PHP json_decode fu...


json_decode() function decodes a JSON string. Suppose you have obtained some data in JSON format and you want to convert it into PHP variable for the purpose of presenting that data to user or use it ...

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PHP json_last_error() function


While working on encoding or decoding JSON, if an error occur, json_last_error() function returns the last error.

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Working with JSON and JavaScript


The JavaScript JSON object comprises methods using which you can convert JavaScript values to JSON format and JSON notation to JavaScript values.

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Working with JSONPath and JavaScript


JSONPath is a lightweight library to find and extract sections from a JSON data. It can be used with both JavaScript and PHP.

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Working with JSONPath and PHP


To work with JSONPath and PHP, you need to download jsonpath.php. You can download it from http://code.google.com/p/jsonpath/.

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Introduction to BSON


A single entity in BSON is called as document. A document comprised of zero or more key/value pairs(like associative arrays) in binary format.

19. Jul 11

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von JanKrohn

PHP Website Counter without Database


Ein einfacher Homepage Counter, der sehr einfach in die eigene Webseite eingebaut werden kann

26. Sep 11

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von funkymonkey



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