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09. Oct 13

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von urbanopait

Tips for Growing Facial Hair


Shaving is a rite of passage for young men all across the nation. As those first few strands of peach fuzz sprout to the surface, you take to your safety razor to promote a clean, professional look. H...

08. Oct 13

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von kalapkhan

5 Important Bedtime Rituals for the Modern Man


After a long day, getting into bed feels like lifting all the weight off your shoulders, but creating a solid bedtime ritual ensures that you have a comfortable refreshing bit of sleep that keeps you ...

05. Oct 13

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von petltfell

5 Tips for a Better Night’s Rest


Along with a healthy diet and exercise, getting enough sleep is a large contributor to a person's overall well-being. Yet, despite the great need for adequate sleep, 20 percent of American adults repo...

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von falguniida

5 Tips for Gardening on the Cheap


Gardening is a great way to surround your home with natural beauty, lovely fragrances, and your own organic fruits and veggies. Gardening is an art in itself, but many people assume that it’s an exp...

04. Oct 13

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von frankcox

3 of History’s Most Perfect Crimes


With a good locksmith and a solid security system, you usually don’t have to worry about anyone getting into your home and stealing your valuables. However, history is filled with more than a handfu...

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von saamiinaa

4 of History’s Dumbest Criminals


While there are a handful of criminals who have gotten away without spending a minute in jail, most thieves, robbers, burglars, crooks, and swindlers are caught and punished to the fullest extent of t...

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von careyesking

5 Tips for Building Positive Body Image


Last year, Bianna Golodryga wrote an article about a bullied teen who received plastic surgery in order to stave away her cruel tormentors. The article by Golodryga discusses the varied problems that ...

02. Oct 13

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von willowescox

3 Necessary Items for Living ‘Off the Grid’


If living a more autonomous life off the grid sounds appealing, there are some necessities that must be addressed in order to make it possible to survive in a self-sufficient manner. Below we take a l...

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von adalhardwebb

5 Tips to Help You Out of Your Quarter-Life Crisis


The quarter-life crisis is a very real thing affecting a wide set of people, generally those who have recently graduated from college. It’s characterized by feelings of loneliness, fear, and confusi...

01. Oct 13

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von kkachhine

5 Tips to Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone


Everyone has their comfort zone—a place of familiarity, air conditioning, meals that you’ve eaten many times before. It’s nice and it’s comfortable and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying yo...

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