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25. Jul 09

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List of Republicans Abandoning McCain   

30. Jul 09

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McCain to raise half of general election budget *p...   

John McCain is portraying himself as an advocate f...

03. Aug 09

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This Is How You Stick It To Lying Republican Hacks   

My friend Ari Melber shows how to deal with GOP li...

18. Sep 09

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John McCain Says He Needs More Sleep   

Doesn't he realize that the Presidency is a grueli...

05. Oct 09

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McCain Says No To Choice: 'I Will Be A Pro-Life Pr...   

If you're pro-choice, John McCain isn't for you. H...

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007: GoldenMansion, starring John McCain   

Good-natured look at Sen. McCain's houses :)

11. Oct 09

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The Contrast: Barack Obama vs. John McCain   

A video montage showing the two candidates' respon...

23. Oct 09

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McCain answers the question: I'm keeping the money   

McCain cancels his attendance at a fundraiser with...

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