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31. Aug 09

Photos That Lie   

You can't always trust what you see. All these pho...

23. Aug 09

18. Sep 09

22. Oct 09

22. Jul 09

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Podcasts: A guy thing?   

A recent survey shows that 78 percent of those who...

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Key Ballmer Adviser Leaves Microsoft   

They're dropping like flies! Martin Taylor, a key ...

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Sun: Open Source Is About Self-Interest   

For open source to prosper, people need to stop th...

26. Jul 09

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Gates: Microsoft will keep Google honest   

Gates conceded that MS has made mistakes, includin...

07. Sep 07

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The security risk in Web 2.0 | CNET   

24. Aug 07

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Meet the metaverse, your new digital home   

28. Oct 09

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Free Photos for Your Web Site or Blog   

Sick to death of the rotten stick figures that com...

16. Feb 07

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'Electric Slide' on slippery DMCA slope | CNET Ne...   

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Silicon Valley's high-tech hunt for colleague - C...   

05. Mar 07

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08. Mar 07

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Big Picture | Stephen Hawking plans prelude to the...   

26. Apr 07

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Google offers its own changes to MySQL | CNET New...   

Google long has been known to be a user of the ope...

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