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12. Mar 07

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The Design Challenge Winner! - Hack a Day   

26. Oct 11

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You Want How Much for a Phone Charger? - Hack a D...   

People quickly find out that I am a dork, and thei...

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Using an LCD’s poor viewing angle to your advant...   

Early LCD monitors had some pretty awful issues wh...

07. Sep 11

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The basics of controlling an Arduino with PHP -...   

You can easily add Internet-based control for your...

09. Aug 11

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Power your iPod with a bikini   

It’s always interesting to see what happens when...

19. May 11

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Bluetooth Super Nintendo controller for Android ...   

[Rich] needed to come up with a senior design proj...

18. Nov 10

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Atmega oscope - Hack a Day   

[Jason] sent in a couple tips, and this diy oscill...

21. Aug 10

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gameboy hacks - Hack a Day   

07. Jun 10

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How-to: DIYDTG - Hack a Day   

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