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23. Jul 09

Get to know the Linux Logical Volume Manager   

Hard drives are slow and fail often, and though ab...

23. Sep 09

A simple task manager for   

If you spend most of your time in, ...

24. Oct 09

Linus explains why open source works   

"Linus Torvalds is often described as an open sour...

24. Jul 09

Einmal gespeichert

Building a Linux home media center   

Nice article on how to make, build, and customize ...

04. Aug 09

Einmal gespeichert

Python 3.0 makes a big break   

Typically, each new version of the Python programm...

22. Sep 09

Einmal gespeichert

My sysadmin toolbox   

Every administrator has a set of software tools th...

03. Oct 09

Einmal gespeichert

Put Your Web Hits on the Map with libferris and XQ...   

In this article, you will learn how to take the IP...

23. Aug 09

Einmal gespeichert

Open source programming languages for kids   

Some toolkits aim to create entirely new ways of e...

21. Sep 09

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How to configure a low-cost load-balanced LAMP clu...   

"The ubiquitous Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl...

04. Feb 07

Einmal gespeichert Upgrading to Apache 2   

02. Apr 07

Einmal gespeichert | Métamorphose your file names en masse   

19. Jun 07

Einmal gespeichert | Introduction to OpenID   

18. Jul 07

Einmal gespeichert | CLI Magic: Salvage lost partitions wit...   

31. Jul 06

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31. Aug 07

Einmal gespeichert

Burning Debian packages and repositories to disc w...   

04. Sep 07

Einmal gespeichert :: A three-pronged attack on performance   

01. Nov 09

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Play Windows games on Linux with PlayOnLinux   

If you are an avid gamer, you probably dual-boot y...

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