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10. Jan 11

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Adding Your Abs To Your Workout Routine


Training your abs is a easy task. However its best to know which exercise is best and that there is a distinct difference between our abs and our core. Our "abs", or what we refer to as our abs is act...

28. Sep 11

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Weight Training For Weight Loss


Most People associate weight loss with cardio work outs and weight lifting with increasing muscles. Unfortunately, this causes people to not reach their potential results when they don't understand ho...

13. Oct 11

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Lose Weight Through Spinning


Spinning, or Cycling as we call it, is the latest craze. Can you lose weight with cycling? Yes you can. The key to losing weight is to find an exercise or activity that you enjoy and to stick with it....

19. Oct 11

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Zumba is the Perfect Exercise for Weight Loss


Most people know what they need to do in order to lose weight. Eat less and exercise more. Believe it or not, diet is often the least challenging part of the equation for many. The issue comes down to...

02. Nov 11

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Groove to Lose Weight


Have a blast doing cardio, burn calories and lose weight like never before when you groove to lose weight. With Group groove you get a body and energy boost. Increasing your cardio activity helps you ...

23. Nov 11

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Weight Loss by Having Fun and Staying Motivated


Thanksgiving is upon us, and just thinking about it makes many of us gain weight. Are you trying to figure out how to lose weight this holiday season? Determination, motivation and a healthy fun envir...

01. Dec 11

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Maintain your Weight through the Holidays


It's easy to pack on the pounds during the holidays. If you're not careful, they'll creep up on you. Personal trainers share their expert advice for maintaining or losing weight in December.

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