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05. Aug 11

430 Pound Bench Weighing 180 Pounds! (video)


Our buddy, Dan “Squatmonster” C. absolutely killed a 430 pounds bench press while weighing only 180 pounds!

09. Jul 11

Here Is A Method To Help Boost Your Grip Strength


Here Is A Method To Help Boost Your Grip Strength

19. Oct 11

Top 10 Stories Of The Week From Primal Muscle


In case you missed them, here's a look at the top news, video clips and training tips of the week from pmXfit.

31. May 10

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von jasw

LeBron James Has The Ball In His Court


LeBron James is the American NBA player with one of the most enviable careers, he never neglects training and diet, so we had it sampled for you! Keep reading to find out what exercise and diet to do....

07. Jul 10

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von franzyano

Several Variations to Bench Press to Train Targete...


Each of these variations hit the major targeted muscle groups in a different way and each has it's value in your overall exercise routine.

23. May 11

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The 5 best routines for hardgainer


It is important to pick the best hardgainer exercises

29. Jul 11

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How to Maximize Your Bench Press Number


Want to Maximize your bench press number? here are the do's and don'ts on how to Get your bench number where you want it.

09. Aug 11

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Tips & Tricks for Boosting Your Bench Press Number...


Tips & Tricks for Boosting Your Bench Press Numbers

09. Sep 11

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Top Five Exercises for Size and Strength


If you had to select exercises that have been the most important and physique-altering over the course of your training life, could you choose just five?

29. Sep 11

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Weekly Bench Press Workout Routine


If you're looking for a training routine that will help you increase your bench press look no further, these weekly bench press tips will help!




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