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13. Mar 09

09. Jul 11

Cancer and Male Fertility: Know Your Options


Male fertility can be damaged by some cancer treatments. Visit SaveMyFertility.org for tips and resources. .

03. Aug 11

Chavez shows off buzz cut after chemotherapy - Wor...


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez appeared on television with a close-shaved head on Monday, saying his hair has begun to fall out because of his cancer treatment.

18. Feb 09

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von kateronald

What Is Chemotherapy


Number one chemotherapy guide on the internet. How to’s, why’s, and hows about everything to do with chemotherapy.

07. Jun 09

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von emmahollins

Treatment Options of Aplastic Anemia.


Various Treatment Options of Aplastic Anemia.

12. Jul 09

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von jennt

Chemo Brain Recovery for Cancer Survivors


Chemo Brain Recovery for Cancer Survivors

30. Jul 09

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von dramirez

Stomach Problems After Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy is a treatment that cures cancer. Many people affected by cancer choose to make chemo. Cancer is a disease that appears when cells in the body develop excessively. Chemo stops the cells f...

05. Jan 10

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von josronsooo

Mesothelioma Research


Mesothelioma Research The Mesothelioma Research Foundation has been working for many years to help find a cure for this life shattering disease. This

12. Jan 10

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von johnjonnnn

Mesothelioma Pleural


Mesothelioma Pleural Many people have heard of the devastating cancer known as mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that originates in the mesothelial

21. Feb 10

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von S8Chloe

Treating Mesothelioma after Surgery, Chemotherapy ...


Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Because of this association it is sometimes




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