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31. Mar 10

The Rare and Old Coins


What do you do when you find old coins? You can either add them to your collection album, or find out coin prices and sell them to get money.

The Reasons Make Coin Prices Higher or Lower


Whether you're a numismatist or a smart investor, you need to know about coin prices. There is an irresistible charm in coins.

02. Jan 10

Register at US Coin Information Forums


US Coin Info, for all your numismatic information on US Coins, Paper Currency, News and more. Including Forums

03. Jul 10

The Ways To Make Money From Changing Coin Prices


Collecting gold is no longer just a hobby. It has become one of the smartest investments today.

24. Nov 08

Silver Coin Collecting - Hobby of Kings


European princes, kings and nobility used to collect ancient silver coins. They were attracted by the mystery and history of ancient Greece and Rome. The 1st denarius of Ancient Rome was made of silve...

21. Oct 10

Titanic Gift Shop Prepares For 100th Anniversary o...


Titanic Gift Shop Prepares For 100th Anniversary of Titanic. Remembering the Titanic and offering an opportunity for people to own a piece of history and to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the la...

16. Oct 08

The silver coin dealers


There are really many silver coin dealers. You can easily enrich your coin collection without problems; you have a wide choice of dealers. Hope, you’ll be satisfied with purchasing new silver coins.

06. Nov 08

Ancient silver coin


Ancient silver coins have great artistic as well as historic value. They are evidence of economic, political and cultural development of nations. Every ancient silver coin is a rarity. We cherish them...

09. Mar 09

Coin and Paper Money Collector


Coin and paper money collecting is the collecting or trading of coins and currency notes or other forms of legally minted or printed currency. Frequently collected coins and paper money include those ...

24. Nov 10

Unique Amongst All Others


Canadian gold coin prices maintain a high rate due to the unique aspect of the Maple Leaf Coinage. Using a special and well guarded minting process, the Royal Canadian Mint has managed to produce the ...


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