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25. Apr 07

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von schnappes

Unique Design


06. Jul 09

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von dramirez

USB Flash Drive Necklace


If I were to wear a necklace, I wouldn’t go for a USB drive to have it around my neck, as stylish as it may be. I don’t know, but I’d rather keep the device in another place, I think it’s more...

07. Jul 09

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Mantara Dish for fun dinner parties


Because I like to complain about all sorts of things, irrespective of the fact they’re justified or not, I have always managed to find a reason to make me feel unhappy. It’s like nothing’s enoug...

16. Jul 09

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Don’t mess with Mother Nature!


Well, if you weren’t afraid by now, then let me tell you should start being afraid, because if you do dare to mess with Mother Nature, it will find a needle for the devil’s skin. To be more precis...

20. Jul 09

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von dramirez

Twilight Watch, not related to the movie


Don’t get too excited, if you’re one of the millions of fans of the movie, because the Twilight Watch I’m about to present has nothing to do with the popular movie that drove people crazy, but w...

21. Jul 09

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von dramirez

Walking stick from Hammacher Schlemmer


Some of you would think that the walking stick that you can see in the picture below is a regular one, just like any other that you have seen in the past, but it’s not. It’s quite different from t...

30. Jul 09

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von dramirez

The CradleVue


I understand that technology has reached a level that is very difficult to be assimilated by most of us, because there are many areas where development is way beyond the normal capacity of people’s ...

03. Aug 09

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von dramirez

Windows Vista Gadgets


If you are a Vista user, you might be familiar with the sidebar, and with the gadgets, but if you don't know what they are, in this article you will find a short description of the concept, and what t...

04. Aug 09

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von dramirez

Coolest Computer Cases


The most visible aspect of a computer system is the case and it says a lot about your personality, but it also is important for a fault-free functioning of the system. Computers have changed dramatica...

05. Aug 09

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Gadgets And New Inventions


New inventions and gadgets are continously appearing due to people's curiosity and willingness to improve their lifestyle and make their activities easier and more enjoyable. I selected some cool inve...

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