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28. May 11

Self-help advice for making better choices


Outstanding report. A tremendous idea for making improved choices.

13. May 11

The Success Myth. Is This A Dangerous Story?


I know zilch about American Football. But even I've heard Vince Lombardi's well-known saying. This commentary talks about Lombardi's quote from the point of view of becoming more productive.

19. Sep 16

How To Be Perfect! | intentionalinsights.org


Do you want to have a perfect job A perfect body A perfect family life Perfect health A perfect relationship

26. Sep 16

The Secular Spectrum | Trump and Clinton Debate St...


While presidential candidates face the same obstacles speaking in public as the rest of us, their stakes couldn’t be higher. Fortunately for Clinton and Trump, there are research-based strategies to...

07. Jun 10

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von Apchuk

Criticals thinking essay


Critical thinking essays consist in assessing different problems. The article provides a detailed definition and purpose of critical thinking essays.

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von Apchuk

Critical thinking essay


Critical thinking essays develop students’ analytical and logical skills. Proper argument development is basic for a critical thinking essay.

22. Dec 11

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von kashaneyfelt

Critical Thinking 3.0: Data Mining Facebook For So...


With an estimated reach of 8,330,420 people who live in United States, Canada or Australia, speakers of English (US) - Facebook was chosen as the survey platform. How individuals process information i...

18. Apr 12

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von shlaht0rmark

A Creative Paper as One of the Kinds of Academic P...


Another type of academic paper I want to draw your attention to is a creative paper

20. Sep 16

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von Intentional

Don't terrorist win! @intentionalinsights.org


Our actual goals are to decrease the likelihood of future terrorist attacks, not increase their likelihood through an aggressive response. Please Visit: http://intentionalinsights.org/

01. Oct 16

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von Intentional

The Secular Spectrum | Why the Pundits Are Wrong ...


Emotional intelligence shows why the pundits are wrong about Clinton dominating the debate

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