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26. Jan 11

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Death Robots


Army, Air Force, Drones, UAVs, Robots, Weapons, 4-Chan, Terminator, Japan Should Be In Charge

06. Apr 11

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Military’s Newest Recruit: C-3P0 | Danger Room |...


The Pentagon has spent decades and gazillions of dollars trying to build the perfect translation device. Now, its far-out research arm is looking at a new

23. Aug 11

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von brabub9bers

Backed By U.S. Firepower | Danger Room | Wired.com


Updated 8:11 a.m. EDT 8/22/11 Just a few weeks ago, western observers were absolutely positive that the NATO air and sea campaign in Libya was going

11. Oct 11

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von fabiansabn

Rick; the U.S. Already Invaded Mexico (With Drones...


Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry is floating the idea of invading Mexico. Too late: the U.S. military is already up to epaulets

28. Oct 11

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von gaelantyne

Special Ops’ Latest Drone: A Russian Doll of Dea...


Come spring, there'll be a new drone in the Special Ops arsenal of annihilation. Call it ... the Robotic Russian Doll of Death. Researchers from Naval Air Systems Command, Eglin Air Force Base, and en...

05. Dec 11

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von raldwade

US: No indication drone in Iran was shot down - Wo...


A U.S. official said Sunday that Washington had no indication that a drone that had crashed in Iran had actually been shot down.

16. Jan 12

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von jotaylorao

Ar.Drone 2.0: The Best Flying Toy Just Got Better


Almost exactly two years ago to the day, we got our first look at Parrot's AR.Drone quadricopter—the coolest flying toy we'd ever seen. Well we just got our first look at the AR.Drone 2.0, and i...

26. Jan 12

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Privacy group seeks to lift veil on domestic drone...


Electronic Frontier Foundation sues to force the Department of Transportation to release its records publicly

03. Feb 12

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von atharmanat

ACLU sues to force release of drone attack records...


The lawsuit charges government agencies with failing to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests in the killing of three U.S. citizens in Yemen.

27. Jun 12

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von geode

'USA' means 'drones' - World News


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – When attorney Shahzad Akbar began filing lawsuits against the Pakistan government on behalf of drone strike victims in 2010, some of his close friends started calling him "Tali...


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