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04. Aug 09

Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy characters clash a...


Part 3 of Monty Oum's epic series waging the heroines of Final Fantasy vs. Dead or Alive. Today is no different, as he pits FFVII's%2...

22. Aug 09

Final Fantasy I Enemies


A lot of people ask me about this, so I'll explain. The EXP I have listed for the monsters is the TOTAL EXP your whole party will receive for killing that monster.

23. Jan 16

xbox one giveaway


Möchten Sie Microsoft neueste gewinnen Konsole , die Xbox One? Ihr sind eine Menge Optionen Erwerb eine Xbox -Konsole Eine online. Einige Methoden nähert legitimen aber viele Websites dass Kraft Si...

27. Jul 09

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von huffingstardust

New PS2 emulator out and playable! Final Fantasy X...


This is the world's first WORKING PS2 emulator! PCSX2 0.9.2 can play games such as Final Fantasy X now (I know because I have tried it%2...

05. Aug 09

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von knight-errant

No Final Fantasy For Xbox 360


Looking for more Final Fantasy following the Xbox 360 port of Final Fantasy XI? Then you're going to have to look to a different next genera...

22. Aug 09

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von leighptrn

Final Fantasy I Reviews


"You'd have to be stark raving mad not to get this game.This is a shame because it is a great game and every RPG fan will love it"

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von quernclell

Final Fantasy I Bosses


This page has strategies to use to defeat all of the bosses and mini-bosses in Final Fantasy. These are strategies I've used myself countless times and have worked well for me.

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von lerochkae-burg

Final Fantasy XIII is...Chrono Cross?


The Internet was buzzing yesterday as the new Final Fantasy XIII trailer was released. The graphics are incredible and looks to be a great s...

23. Aug 09

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von mindyfeherget

Final Fantasy I Magic


The following is a list of each spell in Final Fantasy. Having a powerful magic user with a good selection of spells is essential to success throughout the entire game.

25. Aug 09

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von yxzuieceu

Final Fantasy I Parties


Choosing the right party is the most important decision in the game. Having a well-balanced party will let you get through the game quickly, easily, and have lots of fun in the process. I