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07. Jul 09

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von dramirez

Upgrading as a Way to Stimulate a Play


At the price of $10.00 you can buy an online multiplayer shooter having eight special levels, featuring characters from comic books to play as, everything looks appealing and somehow of a decent value...

08. Jul 09

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The 2D BlazBlue Calamity Trigger


If you are unfamiliar with the 2D fighting game, the experience you can get in this kind of game faces the same old dilemma: who is who? Arc System Works has recently released BlazBlue: Calamity Trigg...

09. Jul 09

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Rise of Flight Review


For the ones who are into flight simulation, Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War, seems to be the best option in the area offering fabulous and well rendered graphics of flight model. Even if at t...

10. Jul 09

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Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 1


When it was first released by Lucas Arts crew Monkey Island started as a comedic tribute to the Pirates of Caribbean ride and since then the series that followed proved to deliver to the game the enjo...

16. Jul 09

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Street Fighter IV


“Capcom” has made its come back with the high-profile fighter on the PC games market releasing ‘Street Fighter IV’ following the nearly twenty years tradition in the fighter games. Street Figh...

20. Jul 09

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StarCraft II is seen as a Team Fortress


Dustin Browder, the Lead Game designer for StarCraft II reveals some interesting insights into the design process that IGN Au has recently made public. Browder declares that the process of creating is...

22. Jul 09

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Left 4Dead 2


Spending some time with Left 4 Dead – part 2 that contains Swamp Fever and Parish campaigns, one may wonder if in case of a zombie apocalypse he should after all choose wilderness instead of city. T...

27. Jul 09

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The leap that NCAA has done from the 09 to the 10t...


In the field of football gaming there was a time when “Madden” took control over “NCAA” kingdom of the most favored US games – football - in regard to better graphics and gameplay, but latel...

30. Jul 09

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The Grid and Capcom Renewal of the Bionic Hero is ...


People born under the sign of virgo ar very calm and gentle people. They love to help their friends and especially their lovers. They are very organized, attentive with every detail and always focused...

03. Aug 09

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Crossword Puzzle Games


A crossword is a puzzle which often has a rectangular or square shape, and which contains black and white cells. The white cells must be filled with words, according to the clues given, and the the bl...

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