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15. Mar 13

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von accchhaziaa

Parts and Components of the Electronic Cigarette


Electronic cigarettes are devices that mimic the experience of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and may or may not look like them too. An electronic cigarette uses vapor and heat instead of a di...

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von andrewjonson

How to spot the symptoms of mental health problems


Mental health problems cover a wide swath of experiences. There are , mental health problemswhich, in themselves, are quite mild, while others are far more severe, affecting the person’s ability to ...

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von baciassberl

How Cell Signaling Stimulates Cell Migration


The study of cell migration in wound healing is essential to life science research. The study of how cells communicate and how they respond to various agents introduced into the process is core to und...

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von jaelbay

How Oxidative Stress is Linked to Cancer


Oxidative stress is a condition that results when an imbalance is created between free radicals, reactive metabolites, oxidants, and antioxidants. Free radicals are molecules that contain an uneven nu...

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von alexreese

Online health diets


Extra pounds can bring a lot of discomfort and frustration. Finding the right weight-loss plan for you can be a difficult job even for an expert, because it has to be correlated with your metabolism, ...

18. Mar 13

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von prashantdev

Diabetes and Dental Care, Diabetes and Oral Heal...


People with reduced immunity and higher than normal glucose levels in saliva are at a greater risk of contracting tooth and gum infections.

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von izzymw

10 Handy Health & Lifestyle Apps


This slideshare looks at some of the useful apps on offer that can help you make positive changes to your lifestyle and can make staying healthy easier.

19. Mar 13

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von heartbeatratea

Heart Beat Rate Pro


Heart Beat Rate uses your smartphone camera to give you a direct and reliable measurement of your heart rate.

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von heartbeatr

Heart Beat Rate Pro


Heart Beat Rate uses your smartphone camera to give you a direct and reliable measurement of your heart rate.

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von lioazdens

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S-use is the leading bodybuilding information portal on the internet, with 1000s of articles by industry professionals. The leader in health industry standards involving bodybuilding and fitness alike...

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