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01. Jun 07

Quit smoking in Leicestershire


Medical research has determined that chronic tobacco smoking is a major contributing factor towards many health problems, particularly lung cancer, emphysema, and cardiovascular disease

12. Jul 09

Hypnotherapy CD's and Instant Download MP3's Hypno...


Mindfit Hypnotherapy CD's, Tapes and Hypnosis MP3's starting at $12.95. The most advanced and effective Sessions with Subliminal Messages & Binaural Beat embedded Music. Free Samples of hypnosis sess...

18. Nov 09

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking


Using hypnosis to stop smoking may sound strange but it might just make a difference. I used hypnosis therapy in my latest attempt to quit smoking, and I've been smoke free for over 2 months now.

Positive Changes Hypnosis


My blog about how I used positive changes hypnosis to lose weight, reduce depression, and just generally lift my mental state.

27. Jan 10

Free Stop Smoking Hypnosis


Two free full length stop smoking hypnosis mp3 sessions. Tons of useful quit smoking tips and smoking cessation products including herbal tablets for nicotine withdrawal and e-cigarettes. Hypnotherapy...

30. May 10

18. Oct 10

Professional Hypnotherapy and NLP


Andrew T. Austin, Author, International Trainer and Therapist. For NLP and Clinical Hypnosis, Core Transformation and Certified I.E.M.T Training

07. Jan 11

Hypnotherapy in Calgary, AB Canada


Hypnotherapy practice in Calgary specializing in treating stress, phobias, depression and mental issues

26. Nov 13

General Hypnotherapy Standards Council & General H...


The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) are the UK’s largest and most prominent organisations within the field of Hypnotherapy and together present ...

The National Hypnotherapy Society | Hypnotherapy I...


The National Hypnotherapy Society | Hypnotherapy Information, Membership and Accreditation