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06. Jan 11

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von hhildda

Laser Liposuction


Many have tried to lose extra weight the traditional way, with diet and exercise; however, this method is not a viable alternative for those who have exhausted such efforts and still cannot seem to sh...

12. Feb 11

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von haansii

Laser Body Sculpting Results


Suppose you have tried everything to get rid of your excess fat, but no amount of exercise, dieting, or gimmickry can seem to do the job. Before you give up all hope, you should give Zerona laser body...

04. Mar 11

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von saamm

Laser Weight Loss


Many are looking to lose a few extra pounds for a healthier, slimmer figure. The traditional methods of diet and exercise have worked for many trying to achieve this goal. However, for others who are ...

19. Apr 11

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von ommetty

The Benefits of Laser Liposuction


If you’ve been dieting and exercising for a while and haven’t succeeded in losing weight, it can be very frustrating. Perhaps you’ve even thought of getting liposuction, but don’t like the ide...

20. Apr 11

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von juuditth

Cosmetic Laser Treatments


It’s only natural that everybody wants to look their best physically at all times, both in terms of their own self esteem and with regard for the first impression they give to others. Over the years...

26. Apr 11

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von glladyys

Understanding the Zerona Laser


For the past few years, people looking to lose weight have found a strong ally in the Zerona laser. This successful treatment uses a cold laser to shrink fat cells and trim inches off the body without...

14. Jul 11

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von tiizzaa

5 Facts About Laser Liposuction


In a world dominated by personal image and physical looks, it’s hard not to coerce ourselves into eating right and exercising regularly. However, even with a proper diet and a steady workout regimen...

23. Jul 11

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von jenniij

Eliminate Body Fat with Laser Therapy


Low-level laser therapy is used to reduce pain and aid in healing, and it can also be used to eliminate body fat. Excess body fat lies close to the skin’s surface, so laser emulsification can easily...

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