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28. Jan 12

Lung Cancer


Cancer is a diseases class described by unmanageable cell expansion. Cancer is the kind that occurs when this unrestrained cell growth initiates in single or both lungs.

15. Feb 12

The further of vandetanib in NSCLC is uncertain - ...


INTRODUCTIONSeveral previous posts have discussed lung cancer, which remains the leading cause of cancer related deaths in the US. Despite its prevalence, lung cancer, particularly non-small cell lung...

30. Jan 13

The National Mesothelioma Law Firm of Baron and Bu...


"The War on Cancer legislation was passed in congress 40 years ago, but little progress has been made," said John Langdoc, mesothelioma lawyer at Baron and Budd. "Yet, the High Mortality Asbestos bil...

23. Nov 09

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We answer common questions people have about mesothelioma, provide articles with current news, and offer a list of doctors and hospitals dedicated to treating mesothelioma and other asbestos related d...

28. Feb 10

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Don’t end your life in smoke


Smoking is a deadly addiction and it can kill if not controlled at the relevant stage. “Smoking is injurious to health” its clearly written over the

07. Aug 10

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Obesity bigger health risk than smoking in Queensl...


EXCESS weight has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of death and disability in Queensland, the state's top doctor says.

30. Aug 10

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Miracle Juicing to beat Heart Attack, Stroke, Canc...


Miracle Juicing to beat Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, and high blood pressure. Rejuvenate your life naturally.

30. Oct 10

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Beauty Reviewed - Lung Detox and detoxification


Discover how to clean the lungs of harmful tar and toxins in weeks not years due to smoking. Lung Detoxification also helps with quitting smoking and greatly reduces the chances of developing lung can...

22. Nov 10

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von lexorjeff

Identifying the Early Signs of Lung Cancer


Cigarette smoking is mainly the cause of lung cancer. Often it is not diagnosed not until the late stages of the ailment that typically intends that it already affected the other body parts.

20. Jan 11

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von johndelre

What is Cancer| Breast Cancer Survival Rates | Pro...


Complete information about Cancer with its signs, symptoms, cure and its various types, Cancer treatment and its various stages also given.