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24. Feb 11

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von nabelung

Territory War Game


Territory War gradually increase in difficulty at each level. The way to beat the enemy is to watch them. Learn their tactics and copy them. Use grenades with care and choose your weapons wisely. Very...

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von jonjohanna

Canabalt Game


Escaping a city, is no mean feat, especially when you cannot plan a route. If you are looking for a challenge, Canabalt is it. You need to run fast, jump accurately, have perfect timing. This game is...

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von fowlerafox

Play N Game


The N-Game is seriously addictive, searching for gold and avoiding the bad guys is bad enough, but the red stars, stay clear of them, they will blow you up. There are switches to doors and baddies to ...

25. Feb 11

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von zaringmona

Shadez 2 Game


Play the sequel, Shadez 2, an engrossing game where the objective is to protect your headquarters at all cost. You can speed the game up, upgrade your buildings, control your troops. Shadez 2 is great...

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von quiteriem

Tanks Game


Hit or be hit, is the premise of Tanks. Play against friends or the computer, either way you will need to be both fast and accurate. Explore the mountain terrain, the desert and the forests, eliminati...

26. Feb 11

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von sjoyasee

Hapland Game


Hapland is a game that gives us the best of both worlds. Hapland has stick men and is a fully interactive bizarre adventure game. We are presented with figures that react to events and the timing is ...

27. Feb 11

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von xiomaram

Tactical Assassin 2 Game


Tactical Assassin 2 is simplistic with no graphic distractions, just as well, because this game needs all your attention to complete. Earn money as you go to buy upgrades, you'll need them. Best bit o...

28. Feb 11

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von lanconalucy

Sonny Game


Sonny is the reverse of any zombie game, here you are the zombie, fighting to get away. Sonny is a super human zombie. He needs all the tactics and strategies he can find to win this one and to get ou...

05. Mar 11

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von lanconalucy

Bubble Tanks Game


As a player of Bubble Tanks, you need to know that you must move between the bubbles. With over 37000 enemies that are always changing it is a good thing that we are offered a steady introduction to t...

06. Mar 11

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von nabelung

Flight Game


Ever wanted to fly? Flight gives you the experience with a difference. A paper aeroplane flies across the world, using shooting stars and paper cranes all in the pursuit of collecting cash to speed t...

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