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11. Apr 11

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von xiomaram

Warzone Tower Defense Game


If you have never played Tower Defense before, have a practice and hone your skills in the fun mode of Desktop Tower Defence game. Learn which towers do what, and how they can help you in destroying t...

14. Apr 11

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von Bananylk

Electric Man 2 Game


Watch as your punches, kicks and grabs vary depending on the proximity of your enemy. See the background graphics change depending on the level. The challenge of Electric Man 2 is to evade the enemy ...

15. Apr 11

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von carrollcamp

Defend Your Castle Game


Defend your Castle has a temple level, here you are able to capture and train your enemies to either defend or become kamikaze soldiers. This game is so much fun and entertaining, a must play for all ...

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von dakshaya

Arcuz Game


Arcuz has an ingame tutorial which is an asset for all newbies to adventure games. The game takes a bit of getting used to, but with a few games under your belt, you will quickly realize that Arcuz is...

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von alifeadeath

Sniper Assassin Game


Don't be daunted with Sniper Assassin, with a little patience and practice, your sniper skills will develop and completing all missions will get your pulse racing. Strategic and challenging, its a gam...

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von Edmondalym

Gemcraft Game


A challenging game of mayhem and destruction. Gemcraft is an addictive game where the premise is to protect and save towns from the monsters sent to destroy. Use all your strategic skills to beat this...

18. Apr 11

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von ioocatabate

Gemcraft Chapter 0 Game


Gemcraft Chapter 0 gives you a map, a beginning and an end. The premise of the game is that you build towers along the given path and take out all your enemies. Your goal is to reach the end before yo...

19. Apr 11

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von Lystranm

Play Canyon Defense


Canyon Defense is a game that will suit players of all experiences. Choose from any of the levels and difficulty settings. Build your towers along the canyon and send your enemies to oblivion. Use all...

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von dakshaya

Boxhead 2 Play Rooms Game


Boxhead 2Play Rooms gives us a variety of characters, including hitmen and secret agents, all to help seek, fight and destroy both the zombies and the devils. Watch out for the devils, they are much h...

20. Apr 11

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von srijitnakay

Endless Zombie Rampage Game


Experiment and perfect your skills in the experimental mode of Endless Zombie Rampage. Learn the capabilities of the weapons, decide on which controls suit you best. This is a great, addictive game wi...

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