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19. May 11

Insurance Agents - The 1st Victims of ObamaCare


Insurance agents, branch managers and small insurance companies are among those who are scrambling to stay afloat. This is partly by design and partly an unintended consequence of a new law that was f...

25. May 11

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von cleishearge

President Obama Torqued Over Health Insurers Blami...


Millions of Americans are about to receive their first big taste of ObamaCare in measly benefits -- and higher costs.

13. Jun 11

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von krilaniewilton

Jason Lewis: Federal health insurance is Here


No insurance policy I know of grants coverage for existing conditions. Try waiting until your home is on fire to purchase a homeowners policy. Call your auto insurer after an accident to get your cove...

24. Jun 11

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von heniszymottio

Principal Financial Abandons Health Insurance Busi...


Principal Financial has made the choice to run from the medical insurance and self-insured plan administration businesses... thanks to Obama Care

19. Dec 17

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von salinabajaj

Donald Trump Health Care Reform Act of 2017 Detail...


In health care reform 2017 are you a winner or a loser? In this new era of health reform care, all people can’t be beneficiary for changes. There are some winners as well as losers also. College stu...




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