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17. Sep 13

10 Things Repumatic Can Do For Your Clients


Autoposting. In the world of Reputation Management, autoposting sure makes things a lot easier. You can have a writer write 5 articles about Client A and 50 brief 3-5 sentence updates. You can login t...

11. Feb 14

How To Locate The Whales In Your Market For Powerf...


Whales are the people that have the most influence in your own specific market. You need to look for whoever makes the decision in your particular niche.

01. Dec 08

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ethority Homepage // Word of Mouth und Virales Ma...


Homepage der ethority GmbH. Im Blog findet man ab und an nette Statistiken zum Web 2.0 etc.

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ethority Marketing & Marken Kommunikation Hamburg


Weblog mit interessanten Artikeln zum Thema Social Media

09. Dec 08

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Social Media und deutsche Unternehmen


Interessanter Artikel über das Social Media Verhalten deutscher Unternehmen.

14. Mar 13

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Personal Branding In 5 Easy Steps: Create And Mana...


If you are a member of modern society, odds are that you have some sort of social networking profile, likely an account on Facebook. If you have not already, you would be well served to further protec...

24. Mar 13

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Justin Bieber’S Online Reputation


Most people these days understand the fundamental rule of online privacy, which is that you don’t directly write about other people without their permission because there’s a risk of negative cons...

31. Mar 13

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The Positive Solution for Online Reviews


Are you paying attention to your online business reputation? If you aren’t you should be, because your customers are definitely paying attention and they are parsing through search results to find a...

20. Apr 13

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Taking Control Of Online Reviews


Online review portals through Repumatic are one satisfactory solution to the situation. They can provide the company or individual a certain amount of control over deleting libelous online reviews and...

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Taking Control Of Online ReviewsTaking Control Of ...


In her book released on Tuesday, “In The Nature Of The Future: Dispatches From The Socialstructed World,” Marina Gorbis contends that modern society is moving away from the depersonalized world of...

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