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16. Sep 11

truck spill kit


Oil spills can have a dramatic impact on the environment. Prepare your company before an unanticipated spill by having a stock of absorbents and other tools in a spill kit to react quickly.

28. Aug 12

spill containment pallet


Supply Line Direct sells a complete line of spill containment products, drum spill pallets, spill decks, and other secondary containment products to help with spill control to prevent contamination an...

12. May 11

Spill kit


Spill kits contain personal protection, absorbents, spill berms, and other items to help respond promptly to a spill. Keep a supply of these kits on hand to help fulfill safety contingency plans.

26. Sep 11

Spill pallets


Standard, economy, and flourinated spill pallets offer many options for whatever chemicals may need to be stored. Keep your work place compliant and get your spill pallets from Supply Line Direct.

07. Aug 10

Gulf Oil Spill Tracking


Photos, graphics, information and the latest news on tracking the gulf oil spill

02. Dec 11

anderson mats


Supply Line Direct offers a range of Anderson Matting such as the Hog Heaven and Waterhog floor mats which are eco-friendly, comfortable and slip resistant.

aerosol field marking paint


Striping paint and marking paint help to create clean, crisp lines on parking lots and athletic fields. Be prepared and stock up on inverted, water and solvent-based colors and sizes at Supply Line Di...

13. Jul 10

Oil Spill Lawyers | Oil Spill Lawyer


How many people will be foolish enough to be tricked by BP and the Govt into accepting a small settlement instead of hiring an oil spill lawyer and getting the compensation they deserve.

18. Apr 11

Emergency spill kit


Be ready for a spill emergency by having a spill kit that can handle a variety of fluids and situations. Spill kits include personal protection, containment, pickup, and disposal items, all in a hand...

12. Aug 11

Oil Spill Remediation


Bioremediation is one of the best ways of cleaning up an oil spill. This is also one of the most natural ways as it involves the use of naturally present microorganisms to oil spill remediation.


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