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24. Sep 09

The Star Ruby Shop


Choose from an exclusive and unmatched collection of genuine star rubies, ruby cabochons, faceted rubies, sapphires, star sapphires, Burmese rubies, African rubies and much more. Unlike other retailer...

29. Jun 19

A History Of Birthstones And Their Meanings


Similar to Vietnamese rubies, many of these stones contain small areas of blue color. Red corundum is called ruby. Association with Sun makes ruby as the Rajratna or ‘King of Gems'. Many stores sel...

01. Jul 19

Rough Ruby 17.50 Ct Uncut Natural Certified Raw Re...


Like a diamond, the value of a ruby is established by the four Cs, namely color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Because large, gem-quality rubies are very rare, the value of a fine ruby may be quadru...

25. Sep 09

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von neonbyte

Natural Star Rubies


The finest collection of star rubies available in all shapes, sizes and qualities. Choose from African, Indian, Burmese or Vietnamese Star Rubies at wholesale prices. Visit The Star Ruby Shop and pick...

29. Jun 19

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von lashawnmaness

Powder Natural Ruby


The underlying reason for these bankruptcies lays in relative slow turn-over of gemstones combined with rapid price changes of an unperishable product. Alternatively, one can buy ruby gemstone and...