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30. May 12

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The World’s Top Pianists


Over time, Steinway pianos have been played by many of the great historical pianists. An antique Steinway Model M is one of those professional selections and remains one of the best pianos available o...

09. Jul 12

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How are Steinway Pianos Made?


Each piano brand constructs their instruments differently. Let’s take a look at how Steinway pianos are made. Keep in mind that each step is done by hand by skilled craftsmen.

21. Jul 12

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von espritss

How to Care for your Vintage Steinway Piano


There’s a lot that goes into a musical instrument. The slightest change can completely throw off tuning. Everything from how you strum your guitar to the temperature of the room affects how the inst...

05. Oct 12

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How Pianos Make Sound


As one of the most traditional of instruments, the piano is at once delicate and deep, requiring years of practice and music theory to play. From flowing melodies to staccato remarks, how do pianos pr...

19. Dec 12

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von eermiinaa

Finding the Perfect Piano for Your Home


Something may be missing in your home. Is it, perhaps, a piano? Whether you're upgrading or venturing into the world of keyboard instruments for the first time, there are a few things to know. The sta...

05. Jan 13

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Why You Should Tune Your Piano Regularly


The piano is one of the most widely used instruments in the world. With classical beginnings, the piano has spread to nearly all styles and genres of music, from jazz to rock to electronic and experim...

30. Mar 13

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von troyshall

The Piano’s Ancestors


The first piano was built about 300 years ago, which makes it young compared to other musical instruments. As well-ingrained as the piano has become in music and culture, it took the influence of seve...

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von ccarileighh

5 Female Pianists You Should Know About


For most of its history, classical piano has been a male-centric field. In the days of Clara Schumann, it wasn’t seen as proper for a woman to pursue the art as a profession, and it was believed tha...

01. Jun 13

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The Effects of Music on the Body


The “Mozart Effect” broadly suggests that listening to Mozart, or any form of classical piano music, makes you smarter. The theory has been disproved—it turns out you can’t become generally sm...

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