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16. Aug 13

The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet


The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet: the compelling reasons why you should strongly consider becoming vegetarian, for your health, looks and the environment.

21. Oct 13

Is Becoming a Vegetarian That Good for You? - Beac...


What is the real deal on becoming a vegetarian? Do vegetarians really live longer than other people? Find out the pros and cons and what diet is best for you.

18. Dec 07

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Vegetarian Directory, Vegetarianism, Vegetarian an...


Greatvegetarian.com is the vegetarian directory containing vegetarian resource about food, organic foods, nutrition, vegan product, vegetarian and vegan recipes, vegetarian and vegan restaurants, food...

07. Oct 08

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von myrakashionz

Vegetarianism - a deceit about fiber?


In 50th years the scientists classified meat fibers, as fibers of “the first class”, and vegetative fibers - as “the second class”. However this suggestion has been completely denied, as resea...

04. Jan 10

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View the profile of murphdurty


Browse extensive collection of user-created and reviewed vegan recipes. Plus, 13,000 VegFriends profiles, articles, and more!

10. Jan 10

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EVANA Zum Tag des Waldes: WWF fordert mehr Schutz ...


The European Vegetarian and Animals News Alliance in many languages, updated daily.

13. Jul 11

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von mwisniewsk

Raising Vegetables in Brooklyn’s Edible Schoolya...


David W. Daly, a vegetarian with a passion for sustainable agriculture, is both teacher and farmer at the historic Children’s Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

11. Sep 11

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von bamurieuui

Does Eating Vegetarian Guarantee Weight Loss? | He...


There are a lot of popular books out right now that claim that you will lose weight if you go vegetarian. Is there any truth to such claims?

21. Nov 11

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von dewison

Just another Journalhome blog - Vegetarian Food Re...


It turns out their causes are many, but some of the widespread good reasons I hear vegetarians giving for "heading vegetarian" incorporate the increasing belief that the meat a lot of of us are eating...

19. Apr 12

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von myjuicer

Vegetarian Foods That Boost Your Brainpower


An apple a day might make you a doctor someday. Try these vegetarian foods that are known for their brain-boosting abilities before cracking open that chemistry textbook!