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24. Jul 11

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von TommyLso

Water Pumps


When you buy great equipment, you must make sure that exactly what product purchased is usually reliable, and durable. Because of this, currently you only the absolute top quality around h2o pumps. Ou...

14. Dec 11

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von fojim

Tornado New water feature pumps


UK Water Features - View our excellent value Tornado Pumps Pond Pumps & Fountains for great deals. Tordado Pumps are ideal if you are creating your own unique water feature.These are entry level pon...

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von g4ttyG

Water features New Year Firework deals


UK Water Features - View our excellent value New Years Eve for great deals. 2011 sees our largest range of Fireworks. We have sourced two new suppliers and managed to get some even better deals. W...

10. May 12

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von alfredprestan

Anchor Pumps


These guys really are the pump specialists. I had a bit of a nightmare with a leak, a friend told me about Anchor Pumps, they really helped me out.

08. Dec 12

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von qqquinttesssa

Water Pumps 101


Water pumps are used all over the world in numerous residential and industrial applications. While there are dozens of different types of water pumps made for various uses, they all use kinetic energy...

24. Apr 13

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von ssafffiiiya

Maintaining Your Sump Pump


Water pumps exist in a various forms and perform a whole host of functions. A common accoutrement for many a basement, the sump pump keeps your home from flooding at its lowest point by pumping any ex...

24. May 13

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von osgoodcall

What to Look for When Evaluating an Older Home


There are many excellent reasons to choose an older home: greater variation in building styles before the post-World War II boom created houses with more architectural interest and charm; construction...

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von peerscobb

Why Do We Need Home Water Pumps?


Water pumps are still at work in many areas of modern day civilization, with their job of moving water from one location to another still remaining relevant today. All pumps work on the same basic mod...

09. Jun 13

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von titusbell

Sump Pump Maintenance Tips


A sump pump is used to collect and remove water from the sump basin in your basement, protecting from water damage in the home and foundation. Sump pumps are most essential to your residence or busine...

28. Jul 13

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von kkachhine

How Water Well Pumps Work


The modern city dweller doesn’t give much thought to how the water he uses gets to his home, amazing considering that the average family of four uses 400 gallons of water a day. With a simple turn o...