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08. May 12

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von roadricoxx

Shopping For Weight Loss Shakes? Call Bariatric He...


Shopping for weight loss shakes? Call Bariatric Health & Wellness! With a variety of flavors to choose from, including Berry, Strawberry Crème and Vanilla Pudding, Bariatric Health & Wellness has you...

09. May 12

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von linobaine

IUDs May Help Women To Lose Weight Moderately


Based on a study, if you are using an intrauterine device (IUD) as birth control, you probably have nothing to worry about gaining weight. However, the researchers were not sure if the IUD has anythin...

14. May 12

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von linobaine

Why exercise may not lead to weight loss


Exercise is highly effective at melting off pounds for some people, and ineffective for others. More generally, the message of this research is that exercise really can make a significant contribution...

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von carolriveraao

HCG Diet Drops


Among the most well-liked diet programs for 2012 is the Hcg diet plan.

15. May 12

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von mracclarke

Flat Stomach Diet


After struggling with my weight for years, and using a seemingly endless supply of products, to no avail, I found this flat stomach diet method, and it changed my life

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von debrasniderap

HCG Diet Drops


The thing you have to know is that HCG has been authorized by the Food and drug administration just as a fertility treatment, however not as a weight reduction treatment.

21. May 12

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von yeujIesrid

Green Tea Weight Loss - Fact or Myth?


For some time now, green tea has been touted as a wonder weight loss beverage out there. You’ve probably heard of things like, ‘lose 6 pounds in just a week by drinking 3 cups of green tea everyda...

26. May 12

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von aaakifahh

HBO’s Weight Of The Nation


Obesity in the US, indeed in the Western world in general, has become a serious problem. The HBO program states that unless America slims down, we could be facing the first generation of children to h...

27. May 12

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von diston39wr

Cosmetic Surgery


Might want to consider skin removal surgery after weight loss - excess sagging skin can be painful and annoying.

28. May 12

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von lexorjeff

low carb diet


Here you can get the information needed to see if a low carb diet is for you or not.

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