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International Bicycle Fund: Promoting sustai...

Bicycle advocacy, economic development, urban planning,


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Ken Kifer's Bike Pages -- bicycle travel...

Bicycle camping (bikepacking) and long-distance bike travel, cycling fitness and health, bike commuting and transportation, bicycle traffic safety, bicycling advocacy, cyclist...


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Bicycling Advocacy -- Cyclists' Rights a...

Cyclists have the well-established right to use the roadway, and cycling offers benefits to individuals and to society.


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ProBicycle: Bicycle Advocacy BY Bicyclists -...

Probicycle is America's first choice for news and views about onroad bicycling advocacy.


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SPARC | Scholarly Publishing and Academic Re...

SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, is an alliance of academic and research libraries and organizations working through advocacy, education, and...

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