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Affair - An Affair Of The Mind

All of us are capable of having affairs. To be incapable of having an affair is to be incapable of feeling temptation. But feeling the temptation to have an affair isn’t the...


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Affair Recovery - Affair Recovery - The Trut...

Being hit with the news that an affair is usually devastating and often turns the betrayed spouse’s world upside down. In a maelstrom of intense emotions, often people have ...


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Recovery From Affair - Relationship Advice: ...

Affairs must be in the air.Affairs seem to be everywhere.I know I have seen many accounts of them in my office in the last few months.


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Emotional Affair - Relationship Advice: Emot...

Emotional affairs begin at the emotional level.Emotional affairs sneak up on you. Each step in the process shoots you just a little further down the slippery slope to a place ...


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Olbermann slams O'Reilly for downplaying hom...

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that about 195,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. But this official statistic is not g...


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Go Behind Someone's Back

Go Behind Someone's Back means to interfere in people's affairs without permission, usually in a dishonest or selfish way.


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About The Bahrain

Bahrain's small size and central location among Persian Gulf countries require it to play a delicate balancing act in foreign affairs among its larger neighbors.


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Contact CIA — Central Intelligence Agency

The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


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Transcript of Director's Remarks at the Atla...

It's a real pleasure to be back here at the Atlantic Council. It's an organization that does so much to promote the right kind of leadership in international affairs.


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Why Didnt McCain Call Ralph Reed To Testify ...

On the campaign trail, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) often touts his work fighting corruption, highlighting the Senate Indian Affairs Committee inve...

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