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Black Small Business

As a social network, the African American Community is best positioned to articulate and supply its vision of the way forward. As individual change agents, African Americans ...


Breakdancing History

Breakdancing started in the very late 60's and exploded in the 70's and 80's amongst large populations of city living youth. It originated in New York predominantly amongst me...


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Waiting To Exhale (1995)

Based on a novel by Terry McMillan, this weepy melodrama about four African American women and the men who wronged them became an instant cultural phenomenon when it was relea...


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Shadows (1959)

Benny's a hipster, moving in and out of Manhattan's beat scene, aimless, maybe close to trouble. His sister Lelia, who looks less African-American than White, is vulnerable an...


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Noose found on desk of government employee

A noose was found Wednesday on the desk of an African-American supervisor at the Louisiana Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency ...


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Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on PBS series, Africa...

In early 2006, Gates wrote and produced African American Lives for PBS, the first documentary series incorporating genealogy and science in an%2...


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African American Figurines and Collectibles

We have the highest quality of cultural figurines for African Americans. We also carry angels, cherubs and fairies.


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Abramoff, Reed Planned To "Mortgage Old Blac...

Reed expressed interest in an Abramoff scheme to profit from the deaths of members of African-American churches.


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The Arthur Ashe Trivia Quiz

During his career, Arthur Ashe won three Grand Slam tennis titles. Ashe, an African American, is also remembered for his efforts to further social causes.


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Former astronaut looks like Obama's choice t...

A leading candidate for the top job at NASA is a former astronaut who would be the first African-American to head the space agency

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