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World record for largest dance class.

To the strains of Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat," students and staff at Toronto's Ryerson University broke the world record for the largest dance class. To break the record, more ...


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Video "I'll Be Waiting" von EMI lenny kravit...

Lenny Kravitz - I'll be waiting He broke your heart He took your soul You're hurt inside 'cause there´s a hole, You need some time to be alone, Than you will find what you´v...



Clearwater Commercial Contractor I would tru...

Recently I met Tony Utegaard President of Symbetheri Inc. I broke my image of contractors with a surprising attention to detail and a startling total recal of all his active p...


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Retirement on Not Much: What to Do if You’r...

Commentary on what do if you're over 50 and haven't saved enough for retirement.


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LGN solution center

The system you are about to see is amazing! It will take you from broke to wealth in a hurry! You will have the ability to earn an unlimited amount of income from home with th...


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Sticky Password v3.3.1.19 rapidshare megaup...

You stole ICQ or broke open mail? Missing money from your electronic purse? So you and must! You simply do not know how to keep your passwords! Passwords

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