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What Is Windows Azure?

What Is Windows Azure? Filed under: Windows Azure by philruppert — Leave a comment July 30, 2010 Windows Azure is a cloud operating system developed by Microsoft. Wit...


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Cloud Hosting: Is It The Future?

Cloud hosting is nothing new. Its basis was first conceived of in the 1960s, believe it or not. But its popularity picked up in the 1980s and has continued expanding since the...


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Why Virtual Private Networks Need A Cloud

A virtual private network is a relatively new creation. It serves the same purpose as a wide area network (WAN), but it’s a lot less expensive to maintain. That’s why many...


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Cloud Hosting Services: PaaS Versus IaaS

Generally, you’ll see cloud hosting services broken down into two types of services. There are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). The diffe...


Why Ubuntu Will Catapult Cloud Hosting To Me...

If you look at the history of Web hosting you’ll see that it was open source software that allowed the large scale application of web hosting to the average business owner a...


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Are ‘Cloud Hosting’ And ‘Cloud Computi...

If you read around on the Internet at a few blog posts here and there or check on some websites on cloud computing and cloud hosting then it can become confusing. Just what do...


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From cloud comp news

RT @tweetmeme Microsoft Unites Software and Cloud Services to Power New TV Experiences


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Private Cloud Vs. Public Cloud

Cloud environments are becoming more and more sophisticated. Virtually every variation of a cloud computing environment is an extension of the public cloud. But it’s becomin...


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Is Cloud Computing Really Helpful?

Cloud computing is a concept whose time has come. But the benefits are not readily known to everyone. It has its critics.


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Centralize Your Data In The Cloud For Easier...

In a brilliant blog post about cloud security, Craig Balding discusses seven security benefits. It’s a couple of years old, but it’s still relevant. No. 1 on the list is c...

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