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Your Friends Neighbors (1998)

In the age of ever-increasing crassness on screen (see the Farrelly brothers' comedies), there are some filmmakers who can make serious commentary instead of just throwaway ga...


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Follow the US Open with Hawk-Eye

Live commentary, graphics, analysis, polls and debate all at the click of a button? You cannot be serious!


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Digg Praised In PBS' Mediashift

"The democratization of media is about letting a billion flowers bloom, and turning the power of news analysis, commentary, punditry and spoof...


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Pure Pwnage stars do live episode commentary...

Pure Pwnage stars Jarret and Geoff ("Jeremy" and "Kyle") visited the DivX booth for 45 minutes to give a rare, insider's commentary on the e...


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Study Finds Generic Heart Drugs as Good as B...

Generic heart medications work just as well as their brand-name counterparts, despite negative commentary on the no-name drugs in medical journa...


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Videos detailing how high-performance Canon ...

Pretty well made mini-documentary by canon, showing how their lenses are made. Detailed, step by step, with good commentary. A must watc...


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USB Flash drive by Canon

Well, what then could be the commentary. USB Flash 2 GB sharpened to clearly fans phototechnics Canon.


stock market commentary

Big Moving Stock scans the stock market for stock picks using volume analysis, trend signal indicators, chart patterns, and investor sentiment from twitter.


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Commentary: Nobel for Obama is premature - C...

Usually, when a president wins the Nobel Peace Prize, it is uniformly seen as a positive development for America and for the world.

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