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African Union: A Misnomer - Belayneh Abate (...

“Finally Africans are united” articulated a non-African colleague while African rulers were meeting shamelessly representing Africans at the beginning of last month. My r...


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Anime Character Profiles

Hatori Sohma (Dragon). He is the family doctor of Sohma family especially to the sickly Akito. He transforms into a seahorse instead. His left eye is hurt and blinded by Akit...


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Hundreds booo ex-Bush chief of staff at UMas...

Even faculty sitting on stage joined in on the action, screaming their disapproval while holding signs that read "Card: No Honor, No Degree."


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Historic Disapproval: Bush Hits All-Time Low

Just two presidents have had lower approval (Richard Nixon and Harry Truman) than President Bush, and none has had higher disapproval in polls%2...


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CNN poll shows continued disapproval of Obam...

A day after President Obama pressed BP to open a $20 billion compensation fund for Gulf oil spill victims, a new CNN poll finds a majority of Americans still don't think he's ...


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Lawmakers seek to overturn FCC Internet rule...

A group of Republican lawmakers opened another front in a battle against the Federal Communications Commission's Internet traffic rules, filing a resolution of disapproval on ...


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A Tribe Called Quest 'Encourage' Fans To See...

A Tribe Called Quest "encourage" fans to see "Beats, Rhymes & Life." "It's a celebration not only of Tribe, but of the culture," Q-Tip told MTV News, despite his disapproval o...


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Watch Entourage Season 8 Episode 3

Johnny's Bananas contract, despite Drama's disapproval; Lloyd convinces Ari to go on a date; and Turtle has a meeting with his boss about his future with Avion.


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Without Me : Eminem Won the 2002 MTVs Award

In the year 2000, Eminem emerged winner in the MTVs Video Music Award’s Video of the Year Category amid my grumblings and disapproval.


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The Release Technique Shows Us That Disappro...

One of the favorite attitudes that people like to exhibit is disapproval. When we don’t like something, someplace or someone we disapprove of it or them. For too many pe...

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