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Paying Guest (2009)

The movie is full of SICK Jokes. Not worth watching in theater. Shreyas Javed are the best amongst the lot along with Johny Lever and Delnaz. Rest of the cast is wasted. Amon...


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Pregancy and diet

Guest blogger, Vanessa, discusses her babymoon at Club Med Columbus Isle. There, she discovers the Club Med Diet and wonders


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DIGG: Announcing next Digg Dialogg with Al G...

I'm excited and honored to announce our next Digg Dialogg guest, former Vice President, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Chairman of Current Media...


Set An Example With A Sample Wedding Invitat...

A wedding card reflects your personality and the level of formality of the wedding. It speaks from the heart of the sender to invite the guest and grace the former's function....


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Popular Wedding Favors

If you are a frequent wedding guest, most probably you have collected a lot of wedding favors. Wedding favors are constant in weddings. Handing out wedding favors to the guest...


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Announcing Digg Dialogg with Trent Reznor

Im honored to announce music icon Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (NIN) as our next guest. I will be asking him the top questions as sub...


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Ingraham uses doctored video to smear Gore

O'Reilly Factor guest host Laura Ingraham presented clips of Al Gore's recent congressional testimony that had been edited to remove his statements%...


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rent temporary guest house in los angeles

rent temporary guest house in los angeles


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I am now a member

I'm Skydancer, a 5 yr flight attendant with Continantal Express Airlines. Based out of Newark, NJ.I've visited this site on occasion as a guest but I am now a member. Everyone...

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