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Inserting a Heba Diffuser down the vase...

RayverX asked: The Large Heba Diffuser is big and seems like it wont fit through the vase opening. At first it might detach itself from the stem and fall


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Howto: Convert A Friend To Linux

Warning: You should proceed with caution using this Howto, if you do not know what you are doing you could damage your relationship with Fri...


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HOWTO: Pan Roast Coffee

Let's say you wake up one morning to find that your coffee machine has taken a dive on your. No need to worry as long as you have%2...


Garden Chandelier Green-It-Yourself Pro...

michellekaufmann asked: Michelle shows us how to make a stunning outdoor chandelier using recycled glass jars and energy efficient candle light. ...


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Mikas Devilspie Howto

Howto zu Devilspie - Zur Fensteranordnung auf dem Linux-Desktop


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Blank page with wordpress - howto fix that

What to do when your wordpress is blank, 8 easy steps !


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lockpicking interview and howto

Here's a quick and dirty deadbolt lock picking howto that'll give you and your friends some cheap entertainment on a slow weekend afternoon.


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WinSlack is a basic Linux install with KDE a...

Weasel GNU/Linux is a KDE4-centric desktop distribution, using KDE 4.1.3. It is based on rPath Linux 2, which is based on RHEL 5.x. The core distribution is meant to be fairl...


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Enigmail, a simple interface for OpenPGP ema...

This howto discusses setting up the Mozilla MUA to use the Enigmail frontend for GNUPG/(open)PGP to provide digital signatures, and end-to-end encryption/decryption (see below...


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Howto | Home and Lighting Decor

Howto | Home and Lighting Decor

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