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Barcelona Hotels

I’m getting confused what hoteles en barcelona I will choose when I get there. I have known that there are many hotels in Barcelona. But I want to stay in the best hotel the...


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Wedding Planner

Is using a wedding planner a good idea.


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iPod Touch Dockflow

as many of you know, there is a dock theme available in Cydia that makes your ipod dock look like it is in cover flow. it is a cool idea except that there are only certain app...


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Modern Times (1936)

The idea of the film was apparently given to Chaplin by a young reporter, who told him about the production line system in Detroit, which was turning its workers into nervous ...


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Humanity's earliest written works go online

National libraries and the U.N. education agency put some of humanity's earliest written works online Tuesday, from ancient Chinese oracle bones to the first European map of t...


Anonymous Proxy for Free. Is this really a ...

A free anonymous proxy is typically web-based. Users enter a website they want and the proxy retrieves the website by making the request instead of the request coming from the...


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Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)

Eddie Murphy teamed up with shockmeister Wes Craven to make this stale attempt at a horror-comedy. Murphy had the right idea, because the concept is intriguing: He plays a vam...


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Chewing Gum Makes You Smarter

Studies have suggested that something about chewing gum reduces stress, improves alertness and relieves anxiety. But most of this research has been found in a laboratory setti...


Yacht charter Croatia

Yacht charter Croatia service is designed taking into account much more than just first class aboard service. From the moment when the first idea of boat rental and yacht char...

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