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Is There Any Ways How Payday Loans Can Help ...

Many consuemrs today don’t like brorowing monney. The idea of having to borrow money from one’s family members seems to convey a feeling of failure or shame. It’s usuall...


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[free audio book online]

You can also access this episode and more free audio books online through Introducing you to this brand new version of a multimedia audio book is a musical f...


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Grown Men Don`t Cry

It`s a general fact that Grown Men Don`t Cry. Why? Because they just don`t. Men sustain the idea that crying is a sign of weakness, but it`s not true. Men are proud and like t...


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Are you in need of a web research assistant?

If you lack the time to perform the necessary web research for your work, then perhaps it might not be such a bad idea if you looked for a virtual assistant. Specialized compa...


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Charles Darwin: 'Is man an ape or an angel?'

A century and a half after Darwin put forward the theory of natural selection, Steve Jones explains the power of his idea - and the stin...


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Beer goggles idea is a myth, claim scientist...

The well-worn concept of 'beer googles' that make men view women as more attractive the more they drink is a myth, claim scientists.


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Pathos: Dirt, Money, Water

Pathos Dirt revolves around a simple idea: Use dirt from all around the world to make money for clean water in Africa. We want dirt sent%2...


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Dog's electric blanket burns down house

"An electric blanket which is being used to keep a pet warm is probably not the best idea in this particular case."


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The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale

There is nothing in this world to motivate you more than shame. And do you know why? Because no one can stand the thought that they are being laughed at and that any stranger ...

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