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Information Technology News - Yahoo Chat - Internet Resources - Software , Hardware , Telecommunication - Việt Nam - Download free software, movies, music, ringtones - Free ...


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Should Digg Sue Wired News?

TechCrunch Calling Digg To Sue Wired News. An Interesting post from Techcrunch make us here to think a little bit, and to ask all bloggers around, what to do.


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Shilpa Shetty - Miss Bollywood

After her triumph in UK's reality show 'Big Brother', Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty continues to make news on the International arena. Close on heels of the launch of her perfu...


Writing Cover Letters and Resume

It may be news to you, but most prospective employers do read cover letters. So let’s make it more effective. It is the boring cover letters that are thrown away, while a fir...


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WeBBours Social Community Builder - Make fri...

an online community builder. Designed to connect you with friends and people all around the world. Share pictures, files, information and lots more with people like yourself. ...


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Online Ribbon Generator Tool

QuickRibbon is a completely free Web2.0 tool, a website ribbon generator which lets you create a custom ribbon, insert a link in it and place it in the top right corner of you...


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Tipps rund um Schönheit und die neusten Bea...

Produkte, Tipps und Trends rund um Schönheit. Im Shop finden sie außerdem zahlreiche Beauty-News und die neuesten Trends aus der Welt der Düfte, des Make-ups und des Haarst...


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the future is now

You are invited to join As part of an initiative to gather the knowledge driven world at, invitations are being sent to the academia inc...


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The Führer Myth: How Hitler Won Over the Ge...

By Ian Kershaw: There were still many Germans who were skeptical of Hitler when he became chancellor in 1933. But Führer propaganda and military success soon turned him into ...

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