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Page Not Found - Okinawa Hai Society

This is a place for all of you on Okinawa or on your way to Okinawa. We are a community of folks in the same boat helping each other out.


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Party quits coalition government over Okinaw...

Japan's Social Democratic Party is leaving the coalition government over a dispute regarding the relocation of a U.S. base, the party's leader said Sunday.


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Okinawa governor tells Japan PM U.S. base de...

The governor of Japan's Okinawa told new Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Tuesday that a U.S.-Japan deal to move a U.S. base on the southern island will be tough to implement, in a...


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Anti Aging Skin Care Review – An In Depth ...

by Okinawa SobaAnti Aging Skin Care Review An In Depth Analysis Of What Works And What Doesn'T A tried and true and an unbiased anti changing


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the best way to win back your ex-girlfriend?

Okinawa Soba question mdo26d : What is the best way to win back your ex-girlfriend my ex and I broke after three years to two and a half months. I can


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Okispace Okinawa Social Network

Okispace helps you connect and share with the people in your life on Okinawa Japan. Chat with friends or check the Okinawa classifieds. Okispace helps you connect and share w...


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What is the population of Okinawa? - Exposix

What is the population of Okinawa? - Okinawa is an Island which has 1,201.03 square kilometers of area and population of Okinawa is 1,384,762 with density of 1,015.79 per squ...


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Worlds Biggest Aquarium Okinawa Churaumi | W...

Find here Worlds Biggest Aquarium Okinawa Churaumi. Find here World Amazing Pictures, Amazing Facts, Things, News, World Records, Funny Photos and Cute Babies.


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Typhoon Sanba hits Manila

Typhoon Sanba was lashing southwest Okinawa Island on Sunday after earlier contributing to monsoon rains that flooded parts of Manila in the Philippines. The storm was moving ...

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