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Digital Wedding Photography | Beach Wedding ...

Capturing everything that happens on the wedding day is every couples dream as they can be looked at over and over again. Because of this, the vast majority of couple arrange ...


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Kalifornia (1993)

Brian Kessler, a journalist researching serial killers, and his photographer girlfriend Carrie set out on a cross-country tour of the sites of the killings. Sharing the ride a...


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[PICTURES] Amazing Water (Drop) Photographs

A professional photographer takes pictures of water, drops, rain, etc, and focuses them just so that they are have *stunning* results!!


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Embracing Death - by Judy Bachrach - Obit Ma...

"Hey, you've got to bring your camera, and check this out," Billie Best told the photographer Jason Houston over the phone as her husba...


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Wedding Photography - New Orleans wedding ph...

Capture those “Big Easy” moments with artistic wedding photography. New Orleans wedding photographer will work with you, to know and understand you as a couple so you can ...


Photographer captures the end of the rainbow...

So now we know what's at the end of the rainbow - and it's not a pot of gold.


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Le temps qui reste (2005)

Romain, 31, a photographer, learns that a malignancy may kill him within a few months. Decisions: treatment? work? how to tell his lover and his family. He remembers the sea a...


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Photo Gallery: Extreme Ice Survey

Art meets science in photographer James Balog's Extreme Ice Survey. The project, begun in December 2006, will attempt to capture global warmin...


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Hindu Wedding Photographer

AAcreation Photography Specializing in Pakistani wedding photographer, Desi wedding photographer, South Asian wedding photographer and Indian wedding photographer. We travel a...

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