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Photographer Peter DiCampo photographed in a Ghanaian village that had no electricity.


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Best wedding photographer in Sydney

Choosing your wedding photographer is an important decision as he or she will be involved in the wedding day for several hours, so it is important they get on with you and you...


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Erik Almas Photography

Erik Almås is an award-winning international photographer, claiming success in the advertising and fashion world...


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Photographer Ken Rockwell - Photo Compositio...

Photographer Ken Rockwell shows us the basics in creating an award-winning photograph. In this video, he talks about the various aspects of photo composition, such as color, c...


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Home - Learn Pitman Shorthand

Sir Isaac Pitman who is an English photographer developed the method known as Pitman’s shorthand. After working in a factor, he entered a normal school at the age of eightee...


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Imaginary Photography Best Wedding Photograp...

Your wedding is a lifetime occasion and for making it more special, you need to capture all the beautiful memories of the day.


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Mysterious 'bearded antelope' photographed i...

While traveling through Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve, veteran wildlife photographer Paolo Torchio caught a glimpse of an oddly hirsute gazelle.


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40 Astonishing Examples of HDR Photography |...

Trey  Ratcliff is a talented photographer from Austin, USA.  Trey has done specialization in new trend called High Dynamic Range photography. HDR enables


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Times Young Photographer of the Year Award 2...

The Times has launched the ninth Times Young Photographer of the Year Award. The competition, which for the second year running is sponsored by Canon, seeks to find the countr...

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