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Read/WriteWeb is a popular tech weblog by Richard MacManus, focused on Next Generation Web Technology. On this site you'll find information on innovative Web apps and serv...


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Amazon's Web Services Go To School - ReadW...

Amazon just announced AWS in Education, a new program that will give students and educators free access to Amazon's Web Services (AWS) for work on research projects, class ...


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ReadWriteWeb’s Mobile Summit And The Long ...

Amid rows of baked goods and gallons of orange juice and coffee, developers and entrepreneurs gathered today at the Computer History Museum for ReadWriteWeb’s mobile summit....


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Top 10 Presentations About the Real-Time Web

On the eve of ReadWriteWeb's Real-Time Web Summit we want to give you a better sense of what we're going to be unconferencing about tomorrow. For those of ...


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Real-Time Web Summit: Speed Geeking Live

For abut the next hour, we will present short speed geeking demos from 14 real-time Web companies at our ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Web Summit. These companies range from real-tim...


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RWW Real-Time Web Summit: Watch the Keynote ...

Our ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Web Summit at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City will kick off with a keynote by our own co-editor and VP of content development ...


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Web curation for July 13th 2010 through July...

Filtering the web so you don't have to for July 13th 2010 through July 14th 2010: How the Old Spice Videos Are Being Made - How do you


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The 10 Best Blogs on Earth

My Favorite Stuff to Read A Day without good reading material is wasted! I read a lot of different blogs every day to keep myself informed, entertained, and inspired. When I s...

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