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Christmas Village

I am a Christmas fanatic. I love everything about the season. I love the colder weather, the warmer clothes, baking goodies, entertaining and decorating the house. Each year I...


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My Christmas Vacation

When the beginning of December arrives, many families begin the holiday traditions. Some people start to prepare for their upcoming Christmas vacation. Families might be trave...


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Christmas Lights

The cost of supplying energy to our homes is quite high. It can be overwhelming during the holiday season too. Electricity is in great demand during this time of season and th...


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Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations

I do not know about you, and in your crew it might be different, but in my family appearance is important. The spirit of Christmas is all fine and good for school pageants and...


Brain's Magnetic Fields Reveal Language Dela...

The 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially comes to a close on November 30, marking the end of a season that produced a record number of consecutive storms to strike the Un...


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Gordon F@#$king Ramsay – Flavour of the Ad...

Two weeks ago, if anyone had asked you, what first comes to mind when I mention the name ‘Gordon Ramsay”, most people would say great cooking and swearing – and not nece...

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