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Ice-Cream Stick Ship Sets Sail

A Viking ship made entirely of 15 million ice-cream sticks has set sail for England from the Netherlands on Tuesday, Reuters reports.


Cruising with a Stranger - how to select a c...

In years past, before cruising became mass-marketed, most cruise lines took the attitude that an empty cabin was lost revenue once the ship left port; and close to sailing dat...


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Singles Cruises Go Global; Cruisemates Famil...

It used to be that single cruisers only seemed interested in tropical days basking in the sun, sipping drinks with little umbrellas and partying until the wee hours in the shi...


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Ship from 8th Century Found in Mediterranean

It is believed to be the only boat from this period discovered in the entire Mediterranean region.


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Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure v1.20

What's green with red spots, has suction hands, and has an overbite like Bart Simpson? Of course, the answer is Cosmo! A young alien on his way to visit Disney World with his ...


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Japan Launches First Solar cargo ship

The world's first cargo ship partly propelled by solar power took to the seas on Friday in Japan, aiming to cut fuel costs and carbon emis...


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How Long Could You Last On A Gay Pirate Ship...

You have been taken hostage on a gay pirate ship. You are forced to swab the deck and set the sails. See how long you would last bef...


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Former Chrysler CEO rips into "clueless bozo...

Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca lays into the Bush administration in his new book: ""We've got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of%2...


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LEGO Imperial Flagship 10210

Build an incredible classic sailing ship!


1 Benutzer : Ethical Fashion | Or...

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